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Introduction to Rangitoto 2012 from LEARNZ.

For three days in May 2012, Rangitoto Island was part of a vitual field trip by the Learnz crew - Take a look at their website to learn more. LEARNZ

Publications on Rangitoto Island

Listed below are publications on or featuring Rangitoto Island. If you know of more books please contact us.

Natural History of Rangitoto Island

The Auckland Botanical Society publication "Natural History of Rangitoto Island" is available for purchase for $30 at Bach 38. It can also be ordered by mail, p & p included, for $40 -  send order and cheque to:

Auckland Botanical Society,
PO Box 26391, Epsom,
Auckland 1344.

This 192-page book is in full colour and covers the flowering plants, conifers, ferns, bryophytes, lichens, fungi and seaweeds - as well as the ecology, geology and animal life.

Book - Rangitoto Island

Rangitoto: Te Toka tu moana

Have you ever gazed at Rangitoto and wondered... How it got its shape? Was it a very explosive beginning? And will it erupt again? Rangitoto: Te Toka tu moana, The rock standing in the ocean tells the dramatic story of Auckland's most dramatic icon - its birth, the kaka bird's connection to Rangitoto, the imprint of humans on its fragile wildlife, and how the island's guardians are saving it today.

ISBN 978 014 350334 7
Puffin, Penguin Group NZ Ltd.
Buy it here:

Book - Rangitoto Island