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This map was sourced from Land Information New Zealand. You can download a higher resolution map for free from their website It is a fairly large file but it is a detailed map of the entrance to Tamaki Strait and can be printed in large format. The website also has charts from other areas of New Zealand and is a good resource for marine maps.

Data viewed or downloaded from this web site is not equivalent to or a replacement for the Official Charts, Notices to Mariners, Tide Table, Light List and Nautical Almanac as specified in Maritime Rules Part 25 Nautical Charts and Publications (pursuant to Section 36 of the Maritime Transport Act 1994).

Tamaki Strait and approaches

Tamaki Strait and approaches.

Tamaki Strait and approaches

Close up of Rangitoto and Motutapu Islands.

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"Sourced from Land Information New Zealand data. Crown Copyright Reserved."